HBO Europe’s Dramedy Series GÖSTA To Premiere In The U.S. August 31

The Series Is HBO Europe’s First Commissioned Drama Series Out Of Scandinavia And The First Foray Into Television From Lukas Moodysson


HBO Europe presents GÖSTA from Swedish writer/director Lukas Moodysson (“Show Me Love”). This heartwarming, heart-wrenching new series explores the humor and tragedy of trying to do good in a dysfunctional world. On the heels of his first job offer, Gösta, a 28-year-old child psychologist, moves from Stockholm to the small, rural Swedish town of Småland. While he sets out to be relentlessly kind and help everyone he meets, not all of Gösta’s noble efforts have happy endings. At his idyllic cottage in the middle of the woods, Gösta hosts a Syrian refugee, Hussein, and simultaneously tries to keep his long-distance relationship alive with his girlfriend Melissa, but things in this small, serene household grow increasingly chaotic following the arrival of Gösta’s fractious, unpredictable father Tomas. Over the course of twelve half-hour episodes, Gösta, struggles to keep everything in order as his life becomes unhinged.

All episodes will be available in the U.S. beginning MONDAY, AUGUST 31. The series will be available on HBO and to stream on HBO Max.

Vilhelm Blomgren stars as Gösta, and is joined by Amy Deasismont as Melissa, Nidhal Fares as Hussein, Mattias Silvell as Pappa, Clara Drake as Saga, Regina Lund as Mom, Elisabet Carlsson as Lotta and Gustav Berg as Jonas.

Europe’s Dramedy Series GÖSTA
Europe’s Dramedy Series GÖSTA

Episodes include:

Episode 1: You Want Me to Die Alone?” (Season Premiere)
Child psychologist Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) adjusts to life in small-town Sweden, where he rides his bike to work with an ear-to-ear smile, stopping along the way to help anyone – and everyone – in need. Sometimes, his good deeds land him a new friend and sometimes they blow up in his face.

Episode 2: “Birds Singing Everywhere”
Though Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) is happy to welcome his dad Tomas (Mattias Silvell) into his home, things change when Tomas decides to settle in for the long haul. Meanwhile, Gösta’s girlfriend Melissa (Amy Deasismont) finds herself on the receiving end of Tomas’ opinions about life.

Episode 3: “Trash
Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) struggles with his dad’s impulsive decision to build a new bathroom at the cottage, while facing some workplace bureaucracy when dealing with Saga (Clara Drake), a new patient transitioning to an adult clinic.

Episode 4: Viet Cong, 1862
The personal and professional collide for Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) when he tries to help Saga (Clara Drake), by bringing her back to his house. At the office, Gösta’s rocking chair becomes a point of contention

Episode 5: “Two Idiots”
Tomas (Mattias Silvell) takes Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) and Saga (Clara Drake), on a surprise trip, where he regales them with tales of the past and questions Gösta’s always sunny demeanor. Later, Gösta is asked out on a date and Melissa (Amy Deasismont) visits her brother Fabian (Olle Sarri) to seek advice on her relationship.

Episode 6: “Surprise
When Melissa (Amy Deasismont) makes a decision about their future, an out-of-sorts Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) drops in on his colleague Lotta (Elisabet Carlsson), who he quickly discovers has problems of her own.

Episode 7: “A Face That’s Rotted
Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren) hosts his best friend Jonas (Gustav Berg), a musician who’s in need of a change of scenery to write a new song. Tomas (Mattias Silvell) prepares for a date with an old flame and reveals the truth about his health. Saga (Clara Drake), reflects on what her life used to be like and she, Gösta, and Tomas spend a night out on the town in Vetlanda.

Episode 8: “All Other Dogs Can Go to Hell”
After making a surprising admission to Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren), Tomas (Mattias Silvell) has a spa day with Saga (Clara Drake), and the two bring home a new furry friend. Gösta makes a promise to a patient dealing with trauma and, just as his household starts to fall apart, another visitor arrives.

Episode 9: “Pillow Fight”
Overwhelmed with work and life at home, Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren), turns to a friend for companionship and, later, has his first supervisor check-in with Lotta (Elisabet Carlsson). Tomas (Mattias Silvell) spouts his recently developed rightwing sentiments at the dinner table and encourages Saga (Clara Drake), to get angry. Melissa (Amy Deasismont) talks about her new life with friends.

Episode 10: “52, No Thanks”
Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren), struggles to balance Melissa’s (Amy Deasismont) needs with photographing his mom’s latest art project. Jonas (Gustav Berg) worries he’s a bad musician after overhearing Melissa vent. Gösta finds himself in a time of crisis as things take an ugly turn.

Episode 11: “Indoor Shoes
Stretched thin and faced with Saga (Clara Drake), spiraling into despondency, Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren), starts to lose his cool as the number of people demanding his help snowballs. Meanwhile, Melissa (Amy Deasismont) spends the day with Jonas (Gustav Berg), and Tomas (Mattias Silvell) becomes intent on sawing down trees before making an impetuous decision that has major consequences.

Episode 12: “The End” (Season Finale)
Gösta (Vilhelm Blomgren), takes a stand at home and work, but will it be enough for him to finally find the peace and happiness he so desires?

GÖSTA is written and directed by Lukas Moodysson; producer, Lars Jönsson, Memfis Film; executive producers for HBO Europe, Hanne Palmquist, Steve Matthews and Antony Root.

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