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Sunday, September 19, 2021

Online Now – Carrie Mae Weems: The Kitchen Table Series | The Salon

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We are pleased to present an online viewing room dedicated to Carrie Mae Weems’ iconic Kitchen Table Series. One of the most acclaimed bodies of work in contemporary art, the Kitchen Table Series exemplifies Weems’ mastery of narrative storytelling. The photographs form the narrative of a woman’s life, depicting her relationships and the development of her identity – as lover, wife, mother, friend and individual. With this series, Weems reimagined photography’s ability to shape Black female subjectivity and transformed the role of the artist for future generations.

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Simultaneously, our Salon newly features a presentation of our artists’ work that speaks to the realities and complexities of our landscapes. Paul Anthony Smith offers us a moment of peace at the beach while leading us to interrogate the privilege of occupying spaces of leisure, while Yoan Capote’s sinister seascapes remind us of the ways water can trap and isolate those it surrounds. Deborah Luster’s photographs of the sites of homicide in New Orleans create a road map of violence in a city whose character is as beloved as it is beleaguered, and Vibha Galhotra’s abstract beaded tapestries refer to a kind of new mapping for the world that may be charted after the doomsday destruction of global warming. Odili Donald Odita’s colorful geometry records the specific movement of light and shadow across a space, while referencing the broader history of culture and migration steeped within our associations of these hues. Together, the artists lead us to consider the potential of a landscape and our impact on its identity.

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