Exhibition. Paul Schimmel and Allan Schwartzman. Kazuo Shiraga’s Tales of the Water Margin

Wednesday, July 15, 2020, 12pm (ET)

To celebrate the opening of Kazuo Shiraga: Tales of the Water Margin on FM Virtual, on-view July 15th through September 30th, we are pleased to invite you to a walk-through of the groundbreaking exhibition with Paul Schimmel and Allan Schwartzman on Wednesday, July 15th at 12pm (ET).
Featuring twenty-seven large-scale masterworks on loan from Japanese and American museum collections, that are titled after the Chinese literary classic, Tales of the Water Margin; the exhibition examines Shiraga’s life-long love of Chinese culture through some of his most iconic foot-paintings.
To register for the virtual walk-through, please click here.